The Horse Event

November 24 th. & 25 th.

Foundation to Finish

Medicine Hat, Alberta 

 Though there are other equine related events that include starting young horses under saddle, this event is unique and refreshing as it is for educational purposes and not designed as a competition between trainers.  Foundation to Finish blends techniques of working with young horses to get them started under saddle, demonstrated considerations and maturity of an intermediate trained horse, and presents the aspects of what a finished horse can be like.  The welfare of the horses, maturity physically, mentally and emotionally is of utmost priority so that comfort, care, and teaching become major elements of being with horses.  Other seminars and presentations are included to balance the many other interests and disciplines in the equine world including; balancing the foot in farrier work, proper saddle fit and position, function of bits and use of the hackamore, as well as many other topics included this year and in future years.

    The trade show is also unique as it is designed to accommodate and present southern Alberta and Saskatchewan artisans and businesses in bringing the community together and to provide products and services on a local level.  Many ranch cowboys and cowgirls hand make functional and artistic products, and a part of the objectives include buy local.

Thank you for visiting our web site and we hope you will join us at The HORSE EVENT this year.